Thursday, March 8, 2012

Raekwon in Oshawa March 2, 2012 - feat. Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson Feat Oriana - Downfall Video ( #FreshStartLP Promo Video )


This vid has a real good feel to it. I personally feel like this is where PJ is at his best. Records like this, Funeral, Mama, to me they bring out the best in Peter Lyrically. Wishing you all the sucess homey. from Me, Cut Throats, and It Lives In the North. Here is PETER JACKSON " DOWNFALL" (Promo Video)

Peter Jackson's Brand New Album #FreshStartLP is on its way

This is the second of five videos Peter shot for Promo in New York on his trip to work with his DBlock Family . The Video was shot in Central Park in New York.

Look out for Peter Jackson's Brand New Album coming soon #FreshStartLP