Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shout Out to You!

Wud it Do Toronto, another long week ahead of us. Shout out to everyone putting in work out here. It’s aint easy in Canada we all know  #ThatAintNew. Shout out to Jono Bizz, the video views have been rising since the re release. Hope everyone has some big plans for the year, every year you get another chance to blow up. Don’t waste it!! Big up your Fav rappers all the time, it’s a screw face Capital, they may not know you support them. Shout out to evenone who hasn’t blocked me on twitter yet. I might change my name to @iamBills this year, cause we going hard for the #NewSchoolCool release from @LogikDatLad. By far one of my most fav rappers.
Take in his Bio written by @ThatsBizz

 Logik Dat Lad has that "listen to me" voice with that "look at me" swagger. There's a certain brashness to his melodic rhythm that balances the conscious elements of his raps. Somewhere between poetry and cipher tactics, Logik hits his groove. With a radio friendly sound, he's not so much a threat, but a welcomed addition to the popular musical landscape of the day. Balancing his popular music sensibilities with his substance-oriented lyricism means Dat Lad is about to be what's right in hip hop. The Toronto native came up in a house dominated by music, under a father who spent much of his time promoting local reggae shows and DJing himself. The apple didn't fall far from the tree when Logik and his brother King Cut tip toed in front of the turntables and first dabbled in musical creativity. By seven years old, Logik was tagging along with his father for late nights behind the 1s and 2s. "As far back as I can remember I absorbed the influence music could have on people," says Logik, now 23 years old "I was always happy around music, simply because of its power to bring a group of strangers together in a big room and have them all laughing and dancing like they were old friends. That was always cool to me." So at 14 years old, Logik formed a group called "Buckshot," with his brother and three other boys from his high school. Using his father's equipment, they recorded over popular songs, critiqued each other and created rough mixtapes to give out at school. But rapping for daps at high school wasn't enough, so when two members fell the waist side the remaining members made a pact to take things to a new level. In 2003, the group was changed to Cut Throats and a new day started. Kicked off by a few local performances, the group began to see some progress as Logik led the way creatively. Cut Throats since released two mixtapes: "The Final Cut" (2006) and "The Game Is What The Name Reps" (2008) to positive response and step by step gained the contacts and placements to establish notoriety in Durham Region, just east of Toronto. By late 2007 and into 2009, Logik and Cut Throats opened for Wu Tang, KRS One, Joe Budden as well as fellow Canadian Choclair, as Logik blossomed as a confident, rousing performer with material to match.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New this Quarter

We doing it big this year People..

First I'd like to Welcome Jono Bizz Brown to the Cut Throat Entertainment Family.
We got a lot of new material coming out this first couple of months. Look out for Logik Dat Lad and his New School Cool EP. Look out for Bella Banks, she going to take the City by storm. We will be listening to the demand and giving the people what the want; New Cut-Throats the Team Mix-tape!!!!

and don't forget...... It's Cut-Throats Bitch!

#CTC Final Cut 06 - Hosted by Fatal Vibes, KING TURBO