Monday, April 18, 2011

Hip Hop Canada Blesses the site with New @Logik_Dat_Lad Snippet

Toronto, ON – Led by acoustic guitar, this stripped down sound is a new look forLogik Dat Lad. “Little Secret” hears Logik get his sexy on while rapping into the ear of his newest prize. Tempting her with provocative promises, he gets fresh with seductive lines like “The allure of your sex appeal got me yearning for extra feels/make your hands reach your heals, the main attraction I’ll give you thrills.”
Produced by Aequitus & Alex Lader, “Little Secrets” is a side of Logik he hinted at in his first single (Break A Sweat). Walking with a natural cadence that more so incites attention than demands it, he remains focused on catering to the sexually inclined members of his audience. “Ladies, I’ma show you how a man should be rapping to you on this song,” Logik says.